Discover Zadar: Your Ultimate Guide to 12 Unforgettable Tours and Activities

In this comprehensive guide, we present an unparalleled collection of 12 must-try tours and activities in Zadar, ensuring your visit becomes an immersive adventure.

Discover Zadar: Your Ultimate Guide to 12 Unforgettable Tours and Activities
Zadar is one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia - for sure.

Welcome to Zadar, a city along the enchanting Dalmatian Coast that simply lures you to uncover its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and tasty culinary delights. In this comprehensive guide, we present an unparalleled collection of 12 must-try tours and activities in Zadar, ensuring your visit becomes an immersive adventure. Whether you're a culture enthusiast, thrill-seeker, or a connoisseur of fine wines, Zadar has something special for everyone.

So, let's start with the ultimate list of 12 great things to do that you can choose amongst, when coming to Zadar. They are all delivered by local experts with huge amount of know-how and sincere passion for their business, but also for the Zadar city and the region.

Zadar History and Gastronomy Private Walking Tour

First on the list is this unique 5-hour journey through Zadar's heart - old city, or "Grad" as locals call it; blending historical wonders with gastronomic delights. This exclusive private tour promises expert interpretations at iconic sites, combined with visits to three renowned Zadar restaurants. Immerse yourself in the city's culture as you savor authentic appetizers, a local lunch, and a delightful dessert.

Sightseeing while taking photos in Zadar, Croatia

This tour is also a great chance to try famous original Zadar liqueur - Maraschino; made from the marasca cherry available only in this part of Croatia and one of the city's simbols - its production dates back to 1768. Besides Maraschino, you will hear more about Zadar's Defensive System which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, ancient Roman Forum, St. Anastasia Cathedral and many more interesting stories about the city once assocciated with the term "IAM ERAT", translated as "Already existing" and meaning that it was already existing once the Romans came.

Restaurant Almayer garden in Zadar, Croatia

It is tours like these, organized and led by people fanatical about their city and its heritage, that are able to ignite the same passion in people that book it. So, if you are really into the authenticity of destinations you visit - do not miss this tour.

Zadar History And Gastronomy Private Walking
Zadar is magical because of its culture and its history, and cultural sights and food have remained as a striking trace to testify to its importance…

Half-Day Private Boat Tour to Dugi Otok

When you are in Zadar, visiting its islands and taking full advantage of the beautiful sea is a must. That is why it is a good opportunity to enjoy this tour the pristine island of Dugi Otok on a personalized boat trip departing from Tankerkomerc Marina in Zadar. Enjoy the flexibility of a private tour, exploring Veli Rat's iconic lighthouse, snorkeling around a sunken ship, and relaxing on the mesmerizing Bridge Beach. A local skipper ensures an intimate and memorable exploration of the Adriatic.

Group of young people enjoying their boat trip do Dugi otok island near Zadar

This boat trip truly presents the original side of the Croatian islands; Dugi Otok is one of the islands where you can actually feel the authentic Mediterranean, without a lot of noise and partying, with a focus on your chosen company, peace and enjoying nature. The story is that no one ever came back from this trip without being fully satisfied and wanting to visit Zadar archipelago islands at least once more!

Half Day Private Boat Tour From Zadar To
Join us on this private boat trip that departs from Zadar to the beautiful island of Dugi Otok! We’ll start off at Tankerkomerc Marina in Zadar and…

Zadar Wine Tasting Private Tour

Delve into Dalmatia's wine culture with an exclusive private tour to two exceptional wineries near Zadar. Sample six exquisite wines, including white, red, and rosé varieties, paired with locally sourced delicacies like Pag cheese, prosciutto and olives. Amidst stunning views of the Zadar archipelago, uncover the rich history and meticulous winemaking processes of each vineyard.

Sommellier explanining wine facts to a young couple in Degarra winery of Zadar, Croatia

The wineries you visit during this 4-hour trip are both unique in their work, since, besides grapes grown in Northern Dalmatia, they also make wines out of grapes usually more characteristic for southern parts of this beautiful Croatian region. So, they produce Pošip wines (but also sparkling wine made out of Pošip grape - Degarra Primo, a first Pošip sparkling wine in Zadar region), Plavac and Crljenak!

Zadar Wine Tasting Private Tour
Our Zadar wine tour will take you to two great wineries in Zadar area - each in its own way. One produces around 35.000 bottles annually, the other…

Mountain Quad ATV Adventure in Starigrad Paklenica

For adrenaline enthusiasts, embark on a thrilling 4-hour quad adventure starting from Starigrad Paklenica. Traverse Velebit mountain, reaching heights of 1100 meters above sea level. With 75 km of off-road excitement, navigate through forests, rocky terrain, and fine macadam, culminating in the beauty of the canyon of the Zrmanja River.

The tour, led by experienced guides, takes adventurers on an exhilarating ride, weaving through picturesque trails that showcase the natural beauty and rugged charm of the Paklenica National Park. We are certain that you will feel a deep connection with nature and an immersive experience in one of Croatia's most stunning locations.

This off-road journey is designed to cater to both thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts, providing an ideal blend of excitement and appreciation for the pristine environment.

Mountain Quad Atv Adventure In Starigrad
Enjoy our quad tour that starts in Starigrad Paklenica near Zadar, and includes an adventurous ride over the Velebit mountain! 4 hour tour starts…

Zadar Tandem Skydiving Experience

When planning to visit Croatia, why not opt for an extraordinary Croatian journey? Because this Tandem Skydiving Experience in Zadar will propel you to new heights above this captivating coastal city. With this experience, you will elevate your Zadar adventure to new heights! Soar above the Adriatic Sea, Velebit, and Pag at speeds of 200-220 kph during a 60-second free fall.

Zadar tandem skydiving with aerial view of Zadar region archipelago, Pag and Velebit

This adventure also promises an exhilarating plunge, offering an unparalleled perspective of the Adriatic Sea, historic landmarks, and the scenic landscapes beneath. With safety at the forefront, participants can savor the unmatched thrill of free-fall while securely harnessed to an expert guide, creating a truly unforgettable highlight for any visitor.

Distinguished among Croatia's premier experiences, first and foremost because of its exclusivity (not many experiences can take you up to the sky - literally); this skydiving activity uniquely blends breathtaking scenery with an unparalleled sense of excitement. Great bonus is that you can take photos & videos of your dive so you can always get back to the time you decided you will be brave and enjoy your life to the fullest!

Zadar Tandem Skydiving Experience
Skydiving in Zadar is an unforgettable experience in which our professional and friendly instructors will guide you through the entire process. We’ll…

Great Olive Oil, Wine & Food Tasting in Ljubač

In this small and pristine village of Ljubač, only 15 km from Zadar, you can immerse yourself in the world of extra virgin olive oil with a tasting session. Explore the rustic modern setting of a tasting room, where you'll learn about the production process and savor three distinct varieties of olive oil. Paired with local delicacies, this tasting experience surely enriches your understanding of Zadar's culinary heritage.

Olive oil tasting in Ljubač near Zadar, Croatia

This culinary adventure invites you to savor the distinct flavors of the region, featuring an array of exquisite local delicacies. Here you can indulge in the savory perfection of premium prosciutto complemented by the robust flavors of locally-produced olive oils, but also nuanced textures of artisanal cheeses and the authentic taste of freshly baked bread. We believe that every bite you will have tells a story of tradition, craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Prosciutto, cheese, olives, olive oil, wine and liqueurs on the table - on Dušević family farm near Zadar

Mate, the owner of this remarkable agricultural enterprise, is not only a genuine expert in olive oil production but also a passionate connoisseur of various local delights, including wine and liquors. Having embarked on this agricultural journey alongside his father at a young age, he has evolved into the driving force behind the Dušević family farm, orchestrating unique food and wine experiences like the one at hand. Engaging with Mate goes beyond a mere conversation; it's an exploration into the intricacies of their business, unraveling the origins of flavors, diverse production techniques, and the philosophy of gourmet living and hedonism.

Mate's pride in the hundreds of medals and certificates earned by his family's products serves as a testament to the successful blend of passion and expertise within a family business. It underscores how, when fused harmoniously, these elements can yield exceptional results, making the Dušević family farm a shining example of excellence.

Great Olive Oil Tasting In Ljubač (Local
We all know that extra virgin olive oil gives another dimension to any meal if adequately paired with it. Its green-gold colour, natural aromas and…

Rock Climbing in Paklenica National Park

Challenge your limits with a rock climbing adventure in the breathtaking Paklenica National Park. You can choose from courses tailored for beginners or those with climbing experience, all set against the stunning backdrop of limestone rocks. When you come to Starigrad Paklenica, the steps you need to follow to enjoy rock climbing on the Croatia's largest mountain range are simple: equip yourself with protective gear, learn essential climbing skills, and conquer the heights of Velebit!

Rock climber hanging on the rope in Paklenica National Park, Starigrad Paklenica, Croatia

Along the way you will also have a chance to chat with locals, from the owners of the company, to climbing guides and thus get to know more about anything you are interested in when it comes to the beautiful nature of Paklenica and Zadar region. And not only that - you can always get great local tips on what to visit and what more to do besides conquering the rocks of Velebit.

Rock Climbing In Paklenica National Park
Wealth of limestone rocks in Paklenica National Park provides variety of routes for any fan of climbing. With our rock climbing session you will…

Private Wine Tasting in Zadar Old Town

This tour is something we recommend if you want to taste best of the best local wines but without having to visit each of the wineries in Zadar region separately. It is one of those great activities where you get to learn more about the city and its cultural heritage and than wrap it all up with a few glasses of local wines that will refresh you after a walk over interesting city streets. You will enjoy a guided walk through Zadar's old town with a dedicated guide, exploring the city's culture, food, and wine.

Your journey will be concluded with a private wine tasting in the Wine Garden Zadar. There you will choose from three tasting menus that combine exclusively Zadar wines with local prosciutto, cheese, olive oil, and other delightful accompaniments.

Glass being poured with wine in Zadar, Croatia

The atmosphere of the wine garden is great by itself - set in an iconic garden that once served as a Zadar's fishing market, with the surrounding walls that are centuries old and make you feel like you were really in some other era, such as the time of Ancient Rome or maybe 19th century when Zadar was under the Austro-Hungarian ruling, or even before when the city was a part of the Venetian Empire.

Private Wine Tasting In The Zadar Old Town,
If you’ve been to Zadar and haven’t tried wines here, it hardly counts as a visit to this beautiful city inspired by ancient culture, but also by…

War Tour Zadar - Defending the City

Fairly new, this activity will let you dive into Zadar's resilience during the Homeland War in Croatia with a 3-hour tour. You will explore bunkers, defensive points, and locations significant to the city's defense. Gain insights into the events preceding the war, the organization of defense, and the triumphs that transformed Zadar into a symbol of strength and independence.

A guide telling the story of Zadar Homeland War military actions in front of one of the bunkers

The tour also unfolds the gripping tale of Operation Jaguar—a pivotal defensive action during the Homeland War. This operation, meticulously executed to liberate the strategically vital Križ hill, marked a turning point in Zadar's resilience. The operation took place on October 1, 1991, involving Croatian forces strategically ambushing and defeating Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) units. Notably, this success secured the liberation of Križ hill, a critical location for controlling Zadar. Visiting the precise location where Operation Jaguar unfolded provides a firsthand connection to this historic event, offering a profound understanding of the sacrifices and triumphs that define Zadar's enduring spirit.

St. Donat Church and St. Anastasia bell tower in Zadar, Croatia

Today, the city is constantly evolving, with more and more young people starting their careers and families on a home soil, instead of some more developed destinations, such as the capital city of Zagreb, which testifies about the new opportunities Zadar is embracing in the modern economy.

War Tour Zadar - The Story Of How Zadar Was
Zadar is a city that has been attacked many times by different armies in different wars and periods, but it was also defended many times and has risen…

Vir Island Boat Excursions & Recreational Fishing

Experience the beauty of the Vir archipelago with a boat trip accommodating up to 10 people or a recreational fishing tour for up to 4 people. Visit islands like Molat, Olib, and Pag, enjoy breakfast and a welcome drink onboard, and explore the underwater world with diving masks and a SUP board. This immersive journey offers a taste of local hospitality and the charm of Zadar's coastal wonders.

What is so great about this tour is that the owners and guides are really flexible about the trip destination! Whether you choose to embark on a bit longer journey to Olib or Molat island, or decide to stay in the short range from the Vir island - they will accommodate your needs, as long as the weather is favorable that day.

Remainings of the fortress on Vir island near Zadar, Croatia

All they do is for the purpose of their guests feeling very welcomed and setting a true "like a local" mood for their groups. With them one thing is sure - you will feel relaxed and get the sense of true Croatian hospitality. We would say - like nowhere else in the entire world!

Vir Island Boat Excursions & Recreational
This specific trip will show you the beauty of Vir archipelago, the sea and the islands around Zadar and in Zadar County - in the best possible way.…

Wine Tasting in Degarra Winery Zadar with Transfer Included

This tasting is a great opportunity to discover the charm of Degarra Winery, located on the outskirts of Zadar. You will enjoy a wine tasting session in one of the best wineries that Zadar area has to offer, featuring three or five wines, including red, white, rosé, and sparkling varieties - Pošip, Maraština, Cabernet/Merlot/Syrah blend and others. All that without having to think about the transportation to or from the location back your hotel or apartment. Everything is covered, as this wine tasting experience is enhanced by a seamless return transfer!

Two ladies enjoying some great white wine in Degarra winery Zadar, Croatia

The dedicated team in Degarra, including sommeliers, is always ready to answer your questions about their wines and wine production they perform, while our team of drivers in Authland will do their job in a highly professional way. An important part of the story, of course, are the wines of Degarra, which cover the great range of white wines, rose wines, red wines, sparkling wines and also - flavored wines such as Bomary - a wine made out of marasca cherry wine in one half, and Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah blend in the other!

One more great thing is that Degarra is one of only few wineries that you can visit in Zadar area, which are located within the borders of the city. So, why not embark on this short journey of great wine tasting without having to thing about anything else but how to enjoy what Mediterranean and Dalmatia have to offer?

Wine Tasting In Degarra Winery Zadar, With
We take you for a wine tasting in this small, but already famous Degarra winery at the outskirts of Zadar city. This winery has started its journey in…

Zadar Eco Tuk Tuk Authentic Tour

Here is another chance to discover Zadar city! Embark on a unique exploration of Zadar with the Zadar Eco Tuk Tuk tour—an exclusive experience providing a fresh perspective on the city. This innovative tour immerses you in Zadar's charm, personality, and hidden gems, all while adopting a local, fun, and eco-friendly approach. With four captivating tours to choose from, each takes you through renowned and lesser-known locales, as well as the wine and gastronomic scene, ensuring an unforgettable adventure.

Eco tuk tuk vehicle approaching during sunset in Zadar, Croatia

Experience Zadar's beauty from a marvelous viewpoint with the Panorama Tour, capture the city's allure during the golden hour in the Sunset Tour, explore the cityscape and visit a top winery in the City & Wine Tour, and uncover the authentic side of Zadar in the Hidden Gems Tour, exploring historically significant locations.

Several local guys, in love with their city, and with the vision to bring city's unique traits and secrets to a wider audience, started this business and it really feels like they are succeeding in meeting their goals. Authentic, local and quality - it can't get beeter, so make sure to enjoy this tour!

Zadar Eco Tuk Tuk Authentic Tour Around The
Zadar Eco Tuk Tuk tour is a private tour which represents a truly new way of seeing, feeling and living the city of Zadar. This one-of-a-kind Zadar…

Zadar has a lot of great things to do that you can enjoy, remember and get back to

In conclusion, Zadar emerges as an enchanting destination with a plethora of captivating tours and activities, each offering a unique window into the rich tapestry of its culture, history, and natural beauty. Whether you choose to bathe in the charm of Zadar's Forum and historical neighbourhoods, delve into the poignant tales of Zadar's wartime history through the War Tour, or embark on a culinary journey with wine and olive oil tastings, every experience adds a layer to the city's allure.

Authland's carefully curated selection of tours serves as a gateway to unlocking the true essence of Zadar, ensuring that every visitor leaves with indelible memories and a deeper appreciation for this Croatian gem. As you explore the dynamic blend of ancient and modern, cultural and adventurous, Zadar awaits with open arms, ready to unveil its wonders to those seeking an immersive and unforgettable experience.

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