Zrmanja rafting

Sports legacy and adventure activities in Croatia - a country perfect for an active holiday

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With a large number of successful sportsmen and sportswomen throughout its history, and variety of places where you can perform sports activities, both outdoors and indoors, Croatia seems to be a destination perfect for active tourism. Discover what it offers in that regard!

09 Feb 2022 16:43 +0100 · 9 min · Šime Jusup
Olive oil tasting

Olive oil tasting experiences - true potential of Croatian tourism

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Discover a brief history of olive growing in Dalmatia, how much Croatian olive oils are valued in the global context and where exactly to taste them.

11 Dec 2021 12:55 +0100 · 8 min · Authland Team
Gligora Dairy cheese tasting tour

Do Croatian destinations have the potential to become well-rounded tourism products?

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What is the real tourism potential of Croatian destinations? Find out on the example of Zadar region resources and things to do!

30 Nov 2021 18:47 +0100 · 7 min · Authland Team