Authentic gastro experiences in few clicks. Coming soon!

Authland is an online platform that allows tourists to find, compare and buy authentic gastro and eno experiences, while making it easy for service providers to market these services and monetize their existing resources even more.

Authland is consolidating specific and authentic tourism services and products in the following segments

Wine tastings

Cheese tastings

Olive oil tastings

Liqueur tastings

Boat gastro tours

Local menus

Wine cellar tours

Oil refinery tours

Cheese factory tours

Distillery tours

Key functions and advantages


  • Consolidation of services means better marketing to partners and easier searching and purchasing to tourists.
  • We differentiate services based on their authenticity and avoiding unification.
  • Stories publishing system is a great PR channel for partners and a central place to inform for tourist.

Improved monetization

  • Partners’ resources are capitalized through amplified diversification into tourism purposes.
  • Niche-oriented platform means better services for less price-sensitive consumers.
  • Rural areas are revitalized, there is less pressure on the coastal and urban areas, with longer tourist season.

Easier business management

  • Reservations and revenue tracking lead to easier resource and profitability management.
  • Reservation system that eliminates both underutilization of inventory and overbooking.
  • Efficient cashless transactions and partner-tourist communication.

Elements of the platform are carefully designed in order to fully valorize services, people that sell them and destinations they are consumed in

Elements of the platform are carefully designed in order to fully valorize services, people that sell them and destinations they are consumed in


Service category

Tourists choose their category of interest and find the service by specific variables.


The concept designed allows quality differentiation of every individual service.


User interface

Reservation management, resource tracking and better business planning tool.


Great PR tool for partners with informative purpose for tourists.


What rural tourism subjects say about the Authland project

"This praiseworthy project is extraordinary important for rural tourism development because it promotes the offer of agricultural products together with tourism services provided in rural areas. When it gets to live in its full capacity, it will surely have many positive effects on the promotion and well-being of rural areas inhabitants."
Aleksandra Kuratko Pani, Head of Rural tourism association of Croatia
"We are thrilled by the idea of gathering similar authentic and local stories that may give tourists a unique experience of Croatia. We are sure that Authland will greatly contribute to rural tourism and authentic products development based on activities in nature, gastronomy and learning about customs and local people."
Nina Novak, Owner of Trek Croatia travel agency
"Authland will greatly alleviate travel planning to people. Some of the reasons are simple search process, non-intrusive service selection, choice of only best authentic products and of course - ease of payment. Besides, I believe it is important to support young people in efforts like this."
Stipe Ĺ imunov, Owner and chef of Bofor Boat Gastro Tours