We allow everyone to discover and experience truly local activities in Croatia, as well as the authenticity of destinations.

What is Authland?

Authland is an internet platform on which guests and their hosts can quickly and efficiently find and book the best local experiences and things to do in their Croatian destinations.

Wine, oil and cheese tastings, gastronomic tours, boat trips or adventure tours in nature led by experienced local guides. Such top-notch authentic services are available in one place, information about them, their location, prices and dates is transparent and clear, while it is possible to book in a few clicks.

And not only that - Authland can be adapted and integrated into any system - hotel, agency or holiday home, thus enabling each employee to have a tool at hand through which to present and offer the guest added value and delight him.

This creates dynamics and value for the entire tourism eco-system through the digitization of communications and operations. Destinations are becoming more recognizable and competitive!

The idea

The idea was born in 2017 and 2018 already, although it can be said that it was planted in 2013. At that time, one of us dealt with the topic of tourism seasonality and the answers to it in his dissertation. The solutions obtained through research and analysis also served as an incentive to try to implement them at a higher level. The result is the Authland project, which in this context aims to develop and promote a diversified tourist offer in Croatia and thus increase the quality of destinations and extend the season.


Our mission

Development of tourism based on authenticity, using a technological service that will allow tourists to have a better destination experience, increase income for service providers and provide a tool for accommodation owners and managers to increase guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Our vision

To become a central platform for the distribution of authentic local services in tourism in Europe - so that everyone in the tourism system can offer the guest a perfect experience. We strive to achieve this by involving and connecting a number of authentic local tourism service providers and local accommodation facilities, tourist boards and accommodation-rental agencies.

Where we are now


Market research, concept formation and testing.


Work on product development and business strategy.‎


Launching the platform and expanding to new destinations.‎


Launch of a new improved version. Start of work on distribution with hotels, resorts and agencies.‎

People we’ve partnered with

From the first days of development, Authland has been based on the nature of our partners' work and the needs and desires they have regarding their daily job. All future upgrades and capabilities of the platform are the result of the need to better connect tourists with first-class experiences - to the benefit of the entire system - from small manufacturers, guides and agencies to accommodation providers - hotels, camps, resorts, hostels and more.

Partners image

Our team

We are five long-time friends and colleagues with specializations in business development and business strategies, marketing, computer programming and graphic and digital product design. What we carry to the Authland project is complementary experience in marketing and design with the largest Croatian companies and institutions, as well as independent development of complex web applications. Connected by a common desire for new challenges and the development of products different from others but with a positive impact on the society in which we live, we strive to do our best every day.

Our team

General info

  • Sideways Ltd. for the services of tourist agency
  • Grge Novaka 13, 23000 Zadar, Republic of Croatia
  • ID Number: 35603675180
  • Business manager: Josip Zurak, director and board member
  • team@authland.com
  • +385 91 982 3880
  • Working hours: 00-24
  • Registered at court registry of the Commercial court in Zadar, under MBS: 110092204
  • Competent authority: State inspectorate, Tourism inspectorate, Šubićeva 29, 10000 Zagreb
  • Pursuant to Article 6 of the Law on Provision of Services in Tourism and Article 10, Paragraph 3 of the Consumer Protection Act, we inform our services users that they may submit a written objection to the quality of contracted services by mail to: SIDEWAYS doo, 13 Grge Novaka Street, 23000 Zadar or by electronic mail at team@authland.com. We will respond to the objection in writing no later than 15 days after the objection is received.

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