Explore the Hidden Gems of Porec with Our Walking Tour

by Augustus Walks
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About the experience

Embark on a captivating guided walking tour through the enchanting streets of Porec. Led by a passionate local guide, you'll discover the ancient Roman ruins, iconic landmarks, and charming parks that make Porec a must-visit destination. This tour allows you to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, fascinating stories, and stunning architecture of Porec, making every step an unforgettable experience.

What exactly is included

  • Guided walking tour by a local expert
  • Exploration of Porec's ancient Roman ruins
  • Visits to iconic landmarks and charming parks
  • Engaging stories and insights into Porec's vibrant culture

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Why this local experience is authentic

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Our walking tour is rooted in authenticity because it's led by a local guide who proudly calls Porec his hometown. This insider perspective ensures you get to explore Porec's hidden gems and learn about the city's rich history and vibrant culture directly from someone who knows it best. From personal anecdotes to lesser-known sights, our guide's unique insight will provide you with an authentic and enriching exploration of Porec.

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price per Group 25

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Surrounding area

  • Rovinj 35km

Additional features

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  • Suitable for children


  • Croatian
  • English
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Explore the Hidden Gems of Porec with Our Walking Tour

Explore the Hidden Gems of Porec with Our Walking Tour

by Augustus Walks
From €95.00 (per group)