Try delicious peka at Roca farm near Zadar and Šibenik

by Gospodarstvo Roca
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About the experience

Our meat menu prepared under Peka (traditional baking lid) is yet another reflection of a culinary tradition of rural inland of Dalmatia. And we are proud of it. As always with us, you will be greeted with homemade cherry or herbal brandy. Then you will be served a classic but authentic Roca plate consisting of: prosciutto, smoked bacon, Mediterranean salami, Ljuta Dalmatinka spicy salami, buđola, pečenica, kulen, prosciutto pâté, young goat cheese, ripe sheep and cow cheese and homemade bread. Homemade soup follows it, and the main dish kicks in. It is prepared under the bell, famous Dalmatian peka - a lid covered by live coal, and you can choose between baby rooster & veal, lamb and a piglet. As a dessert you will have scalloped pancakes with cheese and cream.

What exactly is included

  • Welcome aperitif - cherry brandy or bitters (herbal brandy)
  • Authentic Roca plate consisting of: award-winning prosciutto, smoked bacon, Mediterranean salami, Ljuta Dalmatinka spicy salami, buđola (cured pork neck), pečenica (cured pork loin), kulen (traditional spicy hot thick salami), prosciutto pâté, young goat cheese, ripe sheep and cow cheese, homemade bread (0,08 kg)
  • Homemade meat soup with semolina dumplings (0,30 l)
  • Main dish - peka (meat baked under the live coal-covered lid): 1) Baby rooster & veal OR 2) Lamb OR 3) Piglet (0,40 kg)
  • Salad
  • Potatoes (0,25 kg)
  • Warm homemade bread
  • Scalloped pancakes with cheese and cream
  • White wine OPG MALEŠ POŠIP 0,75l,
  • Red wine ROCA PLAVINA -MERLOT 0,75 l ,
  • Still and sparkling water, juices, beer
  • Dalmatian gastro tour (optional)

Offer and prices

Location or meeting point

If you think you might have trouble finding the exact location, do not worry. Upon booking confirmation we will deliver exact coordinates to your email address. In your voucher you will receive instructions on how to reach the location correctly, as well (if provided by the host). Some agencies will let you pick among several pick-up locations or pick you at the specific location of your own choice (e.g. your apartment). This is why they have your phone number and you have theirs - so you can easily arrange this over the phone.


To book a transfer to the location, contact us at  +385 91 373 9030 , at the email address   or through the Custom tours, activities or transportation   section. Additionally, after booking a service in Zadar area, we will send you an automated email with our transfer partner's contact.

Why this local experience is authentic

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The guests in Dalmatia have always had a special status; the hosts would always provide them with the best they had in their homes and taverns, and in this manner we will provide you with gold award-winning prosciutto, wines and other dishes made from exclusively local farming, with an emphasis on our traditional way of preparation - her majesty Peka.

Minimum number of people

price per Person 20

Maximum number of people

price per Group 110

Money refund in case you cancel after the booking

Payment icon Full amount up to 48h before the service starts;
no refunds afterwards.

Has to be booked in advance (minimally)

In advance reservation icon 48 h

Surrounding area

  • 3 km from the highway exit Pirovac
  • 25 km from Šibenik
  • 12 km from Vodice
  • 65 km from Zadar
  • 35 km from Biograd

Additional features

Possibility icon

Characteristics / Languages


  • Free parking
  • Air conditioning
  • Suitable for children
  • Adapted for disabled people
  • Wifi
  • Local products available for purchase


  • Croatian
  • English
  • German
  • Italian
Remark icon


Minimum of 20 people is required to book any of the individual offered meat dishes baked under peka. For example, minimally 20 people can book lamb menu; it is not possible to book lamb menu for 10 people plus e.g. piglet menu for 10 people.

How to book this experience

  1. Click on the booking button
  2. Select the date, time and preferred offer
  3. Send a booking request
  4. You will receive a voucher, an invoice and all the important information by email when your host confirms the booking
  5. Enjoy your perfect experience!
Try delicious peka at Roca farm near Zadar and Šibenik

Try delicious peka at Roca farm near Zadar and Šibenik

by Gospodarstvo Roca
From 50,43 € (per person)
50,43 €